The Creat-Moteo Archive

Creat-Moteo was an experiment started in the summer of 2016 that finished in early 2020. It was the name of the blog for this site and its purpose was to inspire creative disciples. The entire article archive is below, so pick and choose as you like!

A Necessary Ending

Today we reach a necessary ending in lieu of a great future. We’ve seen God work in ways only he can. Thanks for joining me in such a unique journey.

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Influence Your Industry

A simplified progression for sexual misconduct is individual, then organizational, and then industrial. In this post we will look at the industrial level.

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Wisdom from NPR

Today we dive into the organizational level of sexual misconduct. You’ll discover three ways to prepare your organization for the worst of disasters.

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King Has a Point

Sexual misconduct is a vicious crime against humanity that we can’t continue to ignore. Oh, sisters and brothers, we need Jesus!

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We Need People

It took all my strength to get up that morning. All I wanted was to be alone, but going to church is the polar opposite. Why is it that we need people?

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Heebie Jeebies

One part of me feels like running away and another part of me is ready to face my fears. I can stay afraid or jump into the fray. Today, I choose the fray.

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