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Meet Sunjay
Sunjay Armstead smiling big in a jade green collared shirt

It’s me, Sunjay!

If you’re reading this, you likely have a few thorny problems to solve. And you specifically need someone who understands your challenges and has the proficiency to solve them. In other words, you need a generalist: someone who specializes in comprehending the big picture. As a generalist 👉🏽

  • I bring broad and diverse perspectives.
  • I unify design and engineering teams.
  • I design, build, and ship solutions that your team and customers will love.
Prove it, Sunjay

Some of my favorite work

Reviewed, as part of the USA TODAY network, was growing rapidly and their team needed a single place for users to sign up for an expanding list of email newsletters. Design and engineering to the rescue!

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Webflow is incredibly flexible; a user can shape their database in almost any fashion imaginable. Unfortunately, as the team at ZEAL was making changes to its Webflow site, all of its blog meta descriptions disappeared! ChatGPT, meet Webflow.

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Imagine an undistracted news experience. No ads, no photos, no videos—just text. Now picture multiple text-only sources in one place. This is Abate.

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Well, you made it this far. It kind of seems like we should chat about how I can add value to your team. Don’t you think? (And yes, I read every message that comes through and respond promptly). Download my resume and drop me a line. Talk soon! 👋🏽